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《WORKSPACE2020 Highlights 亮点提前看!》









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  After 522 days,WORKSPACE2020 is taking place from 31stAugust to 2ndSeptember in Hall 3.1, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).This experience and content driven platform is where "workplace of the future"is shaped. On this platform, you will discover the latest design trends, innovative smart systems, and healthy environment solutions. Besides products exhibiting, WORKSPACE2020 is teaming up with top design companies and industry experts to host forums that provoke forward-looking insights, and create immersive experiences. We make true impact on how people work tomorrow. All the highlights are here for you.

  等待是为了更好的遇见!时隔522天,WORKSPACE2020即将于8月31日至9月2日在国家会展中心(上海)3.1号馆与你相聚。这个以体验和内容为驱动,见证“未来办公空间”的平台,将继续为你展示最新的办公设计、创新的智慧解决方案、健康的办公环境。除了领先品牌展示之外,WORKSPACE2020 联手顶尖设计师事务所和行业专家举行启发前瞻性思索的论坛活动,并打造沉浸式体验!三天的精彩展会,亮点提前知晓。

  Leading Exhibitor & Sponsor Brands


  WORKSPACE truly appreciates original design, world-class quality, smart working, wellness and wellbeing. Our exhibitors andsponsors are representing these good qualities. Can’t wait to see what they will bring us!


  Forums at “Workspace Spotlight”


  We are seeing increasing changes in the way businesses design and use their workspace. Today’s office designs are focused on creating an environment for that is smart, sustainable, and healthy. Our “Workspace Spotlight” sponsored by AECOM and other leading brands will give you the insights into the most critical elements of an excellent workplace. We also have lucky draws for the forum attendees!


  31stAugust Morning 8月31日上午

  Workspace Sustainability 办公空间可持续性

  Workspace Technology Innovation 工作空间科技创新

  31stAugust Afternoon 8月31日下午

  Workspace Acoustics & Wellbeing 办公空间声学与健康

  Environmental Psychology in Workplace 办公场所环境心理学

  1stSeptember Morning 9月1日上午

  Workplace Strategy & Design 办公空间策略和设计

  1stSeptember Afternoon 9月1日下午

  Linking Business Strategy and Workplace Design 商业策略与办公场所设计

  New Way of Working (NWOW) 新时代,新办公

  2ndSeptember Morning 9月2日上午

  Redefining Workplaces 重新定义办公场所

  Lightening up Your Office 照亮办公室

  Shifting the Surface

  办公体验装置:漂 · 移 · 面

  Work is happening at anytime and in anyplace. Designed by Woods Bagot, and sponsored by many leading brands, this installation focuses on the purity of analogue experiences and invites its participants to join here for a moment to create stimulating, serendipitous and authentic engagements. By using the surface as a module, in both the horizontal and vertical, “Shifting the Surface“will be an exploration of the workplace notion, LIVE WORK. The installation will scribe out spaces for MEET / FOCUS / SOCIAL interactions.

  在当今飞速变化的时代,办公随时随地发生。这个伍兹贝格设计,众多领先品牌赞助的装置强调纯粹体验,并邀请参与者一起感受刺激、偶然又真实的感觉。通过在水平和垂直方向使用几何面作为模块,“漂 · 移 · 面”是一场关于工作场所概念的探索,LIVE WORK。装置设计将为见面 / 专注 / 社交创造空间。

  Acoustics Experience Center


  A healthy and comfortable sound environment is essential for employees to focus and increase efficiency. Acoustics Experience Center powered by Delhom Acoustique and sponsored by many cutting-edge solutions will help you to achieve this while meeting the requirement of employee privacy and independence in a workplace.


  About Registration and Visiting


  For forigners / non-Chinese-ID-holders, please click below the link  to register. As per covid-19 prevention and control requirement, all visitors need to fill in their passport information and reserve dates to visit. When you visit, please show your green code / health code (Must be green codes generated on the day you visit. You cannot enter the venue with a yellow or red code).Remember to bring your passport(Must be original, not copies), and wear a maskto visit from 31stAugust to 2ndSeptember. See you soon!




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